6th International Trade Show

Millennium Hall
Addis Ababa
Partner event:

food + hospitality Ethiopia

Food trade with Ethiopia: A US$ 5.808 billion business in 2021!

Ethiopian imports of food products in billion US Dollar

Source: WTO World-Trade-Organization / Graph fairtrade

Ethiopian exports of food products in billion US Dollar

Source: WTO World-Trade-Organization / Graph fairtrade

Voices of the exhibitors

We, the Özmermer family, started our work life with a small pita bread oven established by Hasan Özmermer, our esteemed elder, back in 1952. After more than 40 years of experience in pita, bread, francala and pastry production, we commenced flour production by establishing Özmermer Flour Factory in 1994 in order to obtain standard and high quality flour that will meet ours and our colleagues’ needs. 

Ethiopia is one of the biggest countries in Africa with a huge demand. There are many opportunities to make business here. As a producer to be here is very important to introduce our company directly to business people.

At the show we met traders, wholesalers, exporters and importers, and we had productive meetings with many serious business people. It’s been our first time attending agrofood & plastprintpack Ethiopia, so we were not sure what to expect, but it's been a great experience so far.

Hasan Özmermer
Vice President - Özmermer Gida San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti

For the following foodstuffs the National Bank of Ethiopia does not issue letters of credit to importers.

  • Chewing gum and sugar confectionery
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet biscuits and waffles
  • Fruit juice and canned fruits
  • Water, including mineral water, soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Whiskey, wine, beer and all alcoholic drinks
  • Table salts
  • Pork and chicken luncheon meat
  • Tuna, sardines and other sea food
  • Packed food preparations except milk and preparations for infants and young children
  • Glasses and mugs for beer, wine, alcohol, ash trays, vase frames

Range of exhibits

Food and beverages 

  • Bread & bakery
  • Dairy
  • Drinks
  • Fish & seafood
  • Fresh & chilled food
  • Frozen food
  • General foods
  • Health food
  • Hot beverages
  • Ice cream & deep-frozen confectionery
  • Meat & meat products
  • Organic food
  • Snack food
  • Sweets



Equipment and supplies for hotels and restaurants, bars and cafés, canteens and commercial kitchens

  • Building furnishings and equipment
  • Coffee machines
  • Distribution systems and serving equipment
  • Ice-cream machines
  • Information and billing systems
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Kitchen technology
  • Rinsing, cleaning and disposal technology
  • Sweets


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