The venue

The Millennium Hall – The most prestigious exhibition and conference hall in Addis Ababa

Company Overview
Addis Park Development and Management PLC is a private company established in 2004 to run the Millennium Hall. The facility was built in 2006 by the distinguished Ethiopian business person H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi for the celebration of the Ethiopian Millennnium. The Hall is equipped with modern and state-of–the-art sound and light effect technologies as well as exhibition materials to meet the needs of modern conventions.

The facility is located in down town Addis, few blocks from Bole International Airport, at the mature and vibrant city center. Hotels ranging from four star to luxury collection such as Sheraton Addis are at a 5-10 minute drive from the hall.

The Millennium Hall has hosted the Ethiopian Millennium celebration in the presence of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi and other African leaders.

In addition it has hosted events of national, regional and international standing with thousands of delegates and visitors such as the Saudi-East African Investment Forum, the Indian Forum, the Annual All African Leather Fair, the 16th International Conference on Public Health, the State Dinner of the Africa World Economic Forum, the annual Diplomatic Charity Bazaar, the 24th Colloquium of African Geology (CAG24).
Exhibition Halls
The Millennium Hall provides two alternate areas/spaces for exhibitions:

  • The first is the main hall with a gross area of 6,000m2
  • The second is a separate hall with an area of 2,800m2  

Conference halls and meeting rooms
The Millennium Hall provides the following meeting rooms situated on ground floor.

  • Three meeting rooms for 250-700 participants on the ground floor, each equipped with Air Condition, two projectors and screens, sound equipment.
  • All rooms are carpeted.
  • Each meeting room is provided with a standby Audio Visual Technician.
  • All rooms have a theatre style set-up with chairs for participants, and head tables with chairs and table microphones.
  • Two mic stands with wireless microphones for participants.

On-Site Registration Area
The venue includes a separate on-site registration area with two blocks to allow access for visitors after being registered, provided with badge and security-checked.

Media Center
The Millennium Hall provides a separate Media center with space for various related functions.