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New: DLG and fairtrade enter into strategic partnership

Since 2017 agro Ethiopia has been organized by fairtrade as part of agrofood Ethiopia. Now DLG (German Agricultural Society) enters into strategic partnership with fairtrade for this event in Ethiopia and those in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria and brings in its agro and trade fair expertise by introducing its AgroTech brand to the agro events of fairtrade’s agrofood trade shows. 

The focus of the cooperation lies on agricultural technology, animal production, flori- and horticulture and green house technology. The cooperation was officially announced during Agritechnica in Hanover on 14 November 2017.

Organisers of the world’s No. 1 trade shows Agritechnica and Eurotier, DLG is the global leader in professional trade fairs in the fields of agricultural engineering, crop production, animal production and bioenergy. DLG has been organizing trade fairs and exhibitions for the agricultural and food sector since 1885. It goes without saying that DLG can make a valuable contribution to the further development of agro AgroTech Ethiopia.

The now agreed cooperation combines the complementary strengths of fairtrade as a proven Africa trade fair expert and the DLG as an agricultural organization and organizer of international agricultural trade fairs.

In order to attract new visitor target groups, such as the so-called large scale farmers from the target and neighboring markets, a regionally adapted DLG specialist program will be set up or expanded. With the support of industry experts, know-how along the entire value chain of plant production is transferred into Ethiopia.

DLG and fairtrade sign cooperation agreement on 14 November 2017 during Agritechnica Partners for Africa (from left to right): Jens Kremer - Business Developer DLG Service, Paul März - Exhibition Director fairtrade, Martin März - Founder & Managing Partner fairtrade, Peter Grothues - Managing Director DLG Service and Bernd Koch - Managing Director DLG International

Bernd Koch, Managing Director of DLG International

East Africa is experiencing strong demand for innovative agricultural technologies for sustainable plant production. Above all, solutions for more efficient irrigation and plant protection are on the agenda of politics and practicing farmers in the field of crop and agriculture. We want to support the region in the advancement and modernization of agriculture, true to the principles of the DLG. fairtrade has recognized the enormous potential of the African market at an early stage and now ranks among the leading organisers of agrofood trade shows on the African continent. We look forward to developing the agro events in close cooperation with fairtrade in order to make them even more attractive to exhibitors and trade visitors.

Martin März, Founder & CEO of fairtrade

For several years politicians and decision-makers have stepped up their efforts to expand and modernize agriculture and food production in sub-Saharan Africa, and the international community is ready to support this development. The decline in oil revenues led to a revival of local production and the „made-in ...“ trend. Double-digit growth of sales figures show that sub-Saharan Africa is investing heavily in agricultural and processing technology for the purpose of increasing yields, reducing immense post-harvest losses and reducing imports. We are keen to further develop the agro events of our agrofood shows in close cooperation with DLG as the world market leader for agricultural fairs.

Ethiopia is East Africa’s 2nd largest importer of agricultural machinery and equipment

According to figures from the World Bank, the Ethiopian Agriculture accounts for about 48% of gross domestic product (GDP) and 85% of exports, making it the cornerstone of the economy and the largest potential source of growth and prosperity.

The main producing products are coffee (the largest producer of Africa), maize (second largest producer of Africa), dwarf millet (Teff, the largest producer in the world), wheat, sorghum and other cereals, legumes (such as beans), oilseeds, potatoes, sugar cane and vegetables.

The Ethiopian agricultural output has grown by between 5% and 9% annually in the years 2011 to 2017.

Ethiopia is East Africa’s 2nd largest importer of agricultural machinery and equipment

Source: VDMA

Ethiopia's main agri products:

  • Coffee (largest producer in Africa)
  • Maize (second largest producer in Africa)
  • Dwarft millet (largest producer of Teff in the world)
  • Rice
  • Wheat, sorghum and other cereals
  • Legumes (such as beans)
  • Potatoes 
  • Sugar cane
  • Vegetables

Top 4 agricultural exports 2016

  • Coffee, tea, spices (745,2 million USD)
  • Oil seeds (524,3 million USD)
  • Live trees, plants, cut flowers (258,3 million USD)
  • Vegetables (100,9 million USD)

This is what they said 2018

Mr Dieter Rohlf, Feed & Biofuel Technologies Area Sales Manager Africa - ANDRITZ

Ethiopia is an important market as there is a large population, thus a huge potential. For the time being Ethiopia is still far from reaching its full potential.

The level of knowledge of visitors here at agrofood Ethiopia 2018 ranges from real trade visitors to visitors to whom we have yet to pass on our know-how.

The highlight of the fair for us was to be able to present our technology to the experts.

Mr Hona Mulisa - ACE Climate SABC

As we are working in the Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture in Ethiopia, agrofood Ethiopia 2018 is the right place for us to intensify our efforts on climate change impacts in the region.

We are satisfied with the quality of the visitors at our booth. Most of them seem to be very interested in doing business with us or to give us a professional support.

About agro Ethiopia 2018

Sectors of visitors interest
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High satisfaction rates 2018

  • exhibitors recommending agro Ethiopia 100%
  • quality of business contacts 100%
  • chances of business after the fair 100%
  • agro Ethiopia as a whole 100%

Top exhibitors 2018

  • adepta French Association for Agro-industries, Livestock and Agri-food Production
  • Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation
  • Andritz Feed & Biofuel A/S
  • Benefit ISSD Project
  • esco - european salt company
  • GEA Westfalia Separator
  • GNIS French Association for Seeds and Seedlings
  • Güntner
  • Insta-Pro International
  • ITA Italian Trade Agency