Testimonials 2017

Read what our guests of honor said:

H.E. Dr. Mebratu Meles, State Minister, Ministry of Industry

As you might know, the demand for processed food products in Ethiopia is increasing heavily. But there is lack of large-scale food processing companies to drive agro-industrial development and underpin future economic growth.

While agriculture plays a central role in the Ethiopian economy, agro-industries accounted for only 5 per cent of GDP (UNIDO 2012). In terms of contribution to the manufacturing sector, agro-industries, especially food and beverages – account for about 50 per cent, which is the largest share of manufactured goods.

Ethiopia’s agro-exports are currently almost entirely limited to primary and unprocessed products, while the global data shows the export of processed food products is growing at approximately 10 per cent annually, suggesting that market conditions for exports of processed food are favorable.

The overall goal of the Government’s Industrial Development Strategy (IDS) is to bring about the accelerated structural transformation of the economy through enhancing industrialization, raising the share of the industrial sector of GDP from the current 13 per cent to 27 per cent by 2025, and the GDP share of the manufacturing sub-sector from the current 4 per cent to 18 per cent by 2025. The development of agro-industries presents Ethiopia with an opportunity to accelerate economic development and achieve its industrial development goals. If addressed correctly, agro-industries can help fulfill the potential of agriculture and advance industrialization in the country.

Recognizing this opportunity, the Government of Ethiopia is spearheading the development of integrated agro-industrial parks (IAIPs) and accompanying rural transformation centers (RTCs) with the intention of better integrating agricultural value chain actors.

The development of IAIPs is prioritized in Ethiopia’s national development strategy and is a core component of the current Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II, 2015-2020). IAIPs are considered a vehicle for the structural transformation of the economy through the commercialization of the agricultural sector. They are also expected to help pave the way for the realization of the country’s Vision 2025 of becoming a leading manufacturing hub in Africa.

International tradeshow, like agrofood plastpack Ethiopia, is one of the kind medium for a possible technology transfer besides facilitating trade and promote investment in the sector, which is also expected to assist the overall development of the food value chain and expansion of processed food products.

Finally, on behalf of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Industry and Myself I want to assure you that we are committed to work closely with all partners and investors to flourish the agro-industry in the country.

H.E. Ato Bekele Mekuria, Deputy Director General, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute

Currently the Ethiopian government is inviting local and foreign potential investors to invest on the agrofood sector particularly in value added food and beverage products. As part of our growth and transformation plan we encourage new investors to invest in Ethiopia.

The government has set plenty of incentive for those who show interest to work and grow with us. We also encourage already established processing companies to think big and start value addition schemes to benefit themselves and the nation in general.

Finally, on behalf of the Food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry development institute and myself I want to assure you that we are committed to provide all round support for investors that aim to penetrate the most rewarding agrofood sector in Ethiopia.  

Mr Stephan Wendt, Head of Economic and Cultural Section, German Embassy Addis Ababa

agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 in Addis Ababa is the logical consequence of the fast modernization of the agricultural and food processing sector that we have seen in the shorter past in Ethiopia.

It clearly shows the connection between supply and demand. Ethiopia as the largest importer of food-processing and packaging machinery in East and Central Africa is definitely the right place to host the trade fair “agrofood plastpack Ethiopia".

Not only is it the right place but with annual double-digit growth rates in recent years in these sectors, it is also the right time to exhibit the newest technology and conclude business here in Addis Ababa.

In the modern economy, innovation is crucial for value creation, growth and employment. Innovation will lead to new businesses as well as to a increased competitiveness of existing enterprises.

With this in mind we, the German Embassy, strongly encourage Ethiopian and especially German companies to meet, discuss and conclude businesses for mutual advantage. Let me finally wish all the visitors and exhibitors of “agrofood plastpack 2017” fruitful discussions and the outmost success in business here in Addis.

Dr. Axel Klaphake, Country Director, giz

In line with the aims of Ethiopia's Growth Transformation Plan II and Agricultural Growth Plan II, Germany and GIZ work together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to help small-scale farmers to produce more food and generate more income.

We help improve access to certified seeds and other agricultural inputs through farmer seed producers and in cooperation with German seed suppliers and Ethiopian seed research instituts.In the Arsi Zone where we are active GIZ builds farm service centres, offering high-quality farm inputs and training measures for the products and their use.

Also, through our contribution, 22.000 farmers are now skilled in good agricultural practices, modern agricultural methods and use of modern farming technology. That has benefited up to 130.000 people.

Together with our partners, we are promoting modern agricultural mechanisation. This includes developing management skills and farm machinery operating skills through practical training and field demonstrations. 13 private German companies and other institutions in the sector support our activities.

And in 2016, Germany invested 2.5 million Euro into improved technology for research, production and processing in the five woredas in the Arsi Zone.

Where farmers used to yield 2.8 tonnes of wheat per hectare, the average has gone up to 4 tonnes of wheat per hectare in one year alone.

With less work-intensive farming methods, the agricultural sector can also become an attractive source of income for young people, making this industry once again sustainable for Ethiopia's growth and future prospects.

Mrs Martina Claus, Head of Market Development Africa, German Engineering Federation (VDMA) - Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Association

Packaged food and beverages form the best-performing industries in Africa, despite the challenges for the economies.

This is especially true for Ethiopia, the country with the second largest population on the African continent. In the last ten years the annual value of food and beverages produced in the country has increased ten times to 2.4 billion Euros in 2015. In the same period the annual imports of machinery for food and beverage processing and packaging from all over the world have nearly quintupled to 90 million Euros. These figures reflect the growing demand for processed and packaged foods and beverages in this country.

This year we again want to present the strengths of German engineering in Ethiopia, together with a delegation of companies, who will be taking part in the first international agrofood & plastpack trade show here in Addis Ababa. This event will give you an excellent opportunity to meet leading manufacturers of machinery for the production and packaging of food and beverages. The German companies are looking forward to intensifying their contacts to and cooperation with the Ethiopian food processing industry.

Read what our exhibitors said:

Ms Marta Rutynowska-Eising (left), Robert Bosch East Africa Ltd - Regional Sales Director:

Sinde 2015 Bosch started actively looking at the Ethiopian market. The Ethiopian market is the fastest growing in East Africa and has a high population.

The level of skills required to operate and maintain the Bosch equipment is low. Machines are built to last long.

Our main target here at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is on the one side to meet our leads/contacts in Ethiopia and on the other side to be informed about the latest developments in the Ethiopian industry. Our target industries are flour, coffee, biscuits, confectionery and sugar.

So far we are very satisfied with the quality of our professional visitors.

Mr Abdelkader Benhammada (left), Snetor Chimie - Sales Manager:

Snetor Chimie is specialized in distribution and sales of plastics and chemicals since 1981. We are active on the whole continent and already have regular and close relationships with locals here.

We are active in Ethiopia since 2010. The Ethiopian market is one of our main targets due to the growth rate and the opportunities.

We are providing global solutions to our customers including raw materials, logistics and financial proposals.

Our main target at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to meet our existing customers and new prospects. We also want to stablish our company for long terms here in Ethiopia.

Yes, we are very satisfied with our professional visitors. For 2018 we hope to have more international and local exhibitors at the show.

Mr Julian Banse, Windmöller & Hölscher - Regional Manager Technical Sales Africa:

We are visiting customers in Ethiopia for a couple of years already. The Ethiopian market is growing fast, also in terms of quality demand. Thus the discussions with customers about high quality flexible packaging machines became much more serious recently.

We can design our machines very customized. Every market is different, especially here in Africa. Our solutions will help our customers in Ethiopia to become successful and improve the shelf-life of food by appropriate packaging.

We participate at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 because we want to listen to the market and get in touch with its everyday challenges. We’re looking forward to meet new people and discuss about their projects.

Yes, we are very satisfied with the professional visitors. We already had quite a lot of fruitful and promising discussions which might turn into serious projects very soon.

Mr Ephrem Hailu, Electro Mecce - General Manager (not on the picture):

Electro Meece Engineering Service was established specifically to deal with engineering solutions and development. Despite the large livestock population in Ethiopia the sectors' contribution is below its potential because of various reasons e.g. feed shortage and shortage of feed machinery. Our company develops and manufactures feed machinery to give Ethiopia a solution.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges of our country and that's why our products are suitable for the Ethiopian market.

Our main target here at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to meet new customers and foreign companies to work jointly on this market.

We are 100% satisfied with our business contacts.

Mr Bernd Luellmann, AWILA Anlagenbau GmbH - Manager International Sales:

We just arrived in Ethiopia, it is our first time here.

Our products are suitable for the market here because Ethiopia is supporting agriculture and animal feed production. Therefore there is a lot of interest in our products.

Our main target here at the show is to find new customers, create new markets, helping farmers and feed producers to make a good and correct start of their business.

Yes, so far we can see a lot of interest - let’s see if it materializes!

Mr Amit Puri, ALOK MASTERBATCHES PVT. LTD. - Director:

Alok is a leading masterbatch provider, cocreating innovative, reliable & responsible applications for the plastic industry. With 5 plants in India & 1 in Paraguay, Alok has one of the largest ranges of color, white, black, additive & filler masterbatches.

We have not yet been active in Ethiopia and we use the chance of agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 to start exploring the market here.

Alok provides reliable and affordable masterbatch solutions for the packaging industry.
We participate here to evaluate the market and to find the right trade partners.

Mr Saji Kuriakose, Allwin Packaging International Ltd/ Ishida - Managing Director:

Ishida is represented in Ethiopia and East Africa in general through Allwin Packaging International Ltd.
Ishida are the world leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of complete weighing and packing line solutions of the food industry. Ishida offer food manufacturers in East Africa automation solutions ro reduce cost and downtime, increase speeds and efficiencies and enhance pack quality and maximize profits.

The Ethiopian market is important to us because of its fast growth. Our machines are suitable for the Ethiopian products, e.g. coffee, pasta or spices.

Our main target at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to meet the right persons in the snacks, meat and coffee industry.

Yes, we are  very satisfied with our professional visitors.

Mrs Elke Pankow, RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH - Sales director of export:

Since five years we are partner of the German demonstration farm in Kulumsa and now we are looking for a partner in Ethiopia.

We are offering fertilizer spreaders for mineral fertilizer. With good fertilizing you can have better harvest and more quality of harvest, e.g. drops and potatoes. The future oriented spreaders of our company offer a synthesis of precision and performance.

We participate at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 to present our products and we are satisfied with the outcome.

Mr Mario Cvitkovic, Vibrofloors World Group - Managing Director:

This is our first exhibition here in Ethiopia. We specialize in manufacturing and providing turn-key flooring system mainly in food and beverage industry. Over 30 years of worldwide experience is guaranteed. Our team provides everything from design, supply, execution, maintenance and 10 years warranty.

Our products are suitable for the Ethiopian market, especially for the food processing industry. Many global manufacturers are already there.

Our main target here at agrofood plastplack Ethiopia 2017 is to get a feeling of the local mentality and to get some expectations about prices and quality.

Mr Olivier Peillod, OTECH - Export Area Manager:

Otech brands exists for more than 30 years. Thanks to our distributors network, we propose the widest range of pivots and linears, with the highest French quality standard. Our vision for irrigation is to give the right dose at the right time to make irrigation sustainable by water and energy saving.

Our company is active in Ethiopia since 2013. It is an important market for us because it is a big agricultural country and there are living many people to feed. Our products help to increase yields and to continue cropping even during a dry season.

The main target at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to get contacts.

So far we are happy with the quality of our visitors.

Mr Mohamed Ikar, Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH - Sales Manager:

We are active in Ethiopia since 2013 again. It is an important market for us because there are many opportunities for our German equipment and we want to educate the people here to get better solutions.

Kautex provides customized machines and turn-key solutions in order to give the customer full support in his projects.

Our main target at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to keep relation with our customers and to get new ones.

We are very satisfied with the quality of our professional visitors.

Mr Adel Kamel, Güntner Middle East FZE - Managing Director:

Our company is a global leader for manufacturing refrigeration and HVAC components. Long-term experience and use of latest technologies ensure high quality standards.

We are active in Ethiopia since three years now. Ethiopia is the biggest livestock country (agriculture, roses). Our products are suitable for this market because they are energy saving, have competitive prices and a high quality (long life time).

Our main target at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is to meet new customers, looking for new opportunities and to get a better understanding of the market.

Yes!! We are really satisfied with our visitors.

Mr Peter M.M. Linssen (left), African Bakery Dynamics - Managing Director, Mr Mark Sturmans (middle) Werner & Pfleiderer Bakery Group, Mr Franz Kovacs (right), Werner & Pfleiderer - Area Manager

W & P has been active in the whole of Africa including Ethiopia for many decades already. These activities are now being reinforced by African Bakery Dynamics.

We deliver complete bakery lines for medium and large size bakeries to reduce operational cost, optimize quality and reach a fast ROI.

The main target of our participation at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia is to re-establish contacts and to discuss new projects. Yes, we have reached already a very good volume of contacts here at the show – expectations exceeded by far!

Mr Nagesh Kamat, Lohia Corp Limited - Asst. General Manager - Sales:

Since the past six years we are actively involved in Ethiopia with about twelve factories using our machinery.

Our products are used to produce PP woven bags which are widely used for packaging of Agro commodities.

We are here to spread our brand to a wider investor base and we have succeeded to achieve our targets.

Mr Pascal Saint-Macaire, serac - Area Sales Manager:

The Serac group designs and manufactures packaging solutions for products in bottles and cups.

Our participation at agrofood plastpack Ethiopia provides us a great opportunity to present our technologies and solutions and to learn about Ethiopia.

We participate at the show to discover the potential in Ethiopia. With our participation we are satisfied.